Luis Hernandez

Hi, I'm Luis Hernandez

I'm a full stack software developer based in Dayton, OH

Featured Work

Social Network

Description: FullStack app for networking with other developers & UI/UX designers. Members are able to create posts, comments, and friendship requests

Tools: React | Express.js | MongoDB | Node.js |

Sparkbox Financial Dashboard

Description: An MVC app that displays and tracks key performance indicators from third party services. These include forecasted billable hours/revenue, current and forecasted team member availability, and potential clients, phase of sales pipeline & probability of conversion. This app was strategically developed app while assessing client needs at each iteration

Tools: Sails.js | Node.js | HTML | Sass |

Sparkbox Sparkeats

Description: Sparkeats is a app where fellow Sparkboxers can leave reviews about their favorite local restuarants. The team implemented a complete application redesign through Sass refactoring and componentization

Tools: Sails.js | Node.js | HTML | Sass |

Go Git CLI

Description: A CLI tool that automates the generation and configuration of local and remote project repositories.

Tools: Node.js | GitHub API |

About Me

I build and sometimes rescue applications. I'm a software developer who enjoys all areas of the stack.

Fueled by boundless enthusiam and curiosity I am an individual who is easily inspired. I'm a fast learner, able to pick up new skills and balance multiple projects with relative ease. I strive to create software that is maintainable, efficient, and accessbile.

I enjoy building interfaces in React, and have recently began exploring Vue. I've built APIs in Node within various different frameworks. I thouroughly enjoy archecting applications and experimenting with design patterns, while learning about their pros and cons of the implementation. I'm constantly pursuing the challenge and excitement that come along with tackling new ideas and ways of thinking.

I found my passion for progamming while I was working in the pharmaceutical industry. There I took it upon myself to automate a labor-intensive process with Visual Basic for Applications and I was hooked. I began diving deep into the world of development consuming the any resources I could get my hands on.


  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • Python
  • Testing: Jest, Mocha, Sinon, Stryker
  • React
  • HTML
  • (S) CSS
  • SQL and NoSQL datbases

Where I've Worked

Full Stack Developer Apprentice @ Sparkbox

  • Communicate with a multi-disciplinary teams of developers, designers, and project managers on a daily basis
  • Leverage TDD, OOP, and functional programming to write maintainble, performant, and modern code
  • Architect and develope an internal financial analysis application.

Clinical Database Designer @ Covance Inc.

  • Developed automation tool which reduced 4hr task to 30 miutes
  • Collaborated with multiple business units to design database workflows according to client study requirements
  • Delivered exceptional technical services to clients

Get In Touch

My inbox is always open! Whether you have a question, want to collaborate on a project, or simply want to say hello, send a message using the form below.