About Me

Let Me tell you a few things about me...

Luis Hernandez


Programming is my guilty pleasure, my bread and butter. I enjoy programming and the challenges it brings to find creative solutions to solve problems. I also enjoy reading, learning and putting that knowledge to use. I'm passionate about Technology, Whether it is repairing an electronic device or writing lines ... and lines of code, I love it!

Electronics Technician

Electronic Repairs

I enjoy taking apart computers, mobile devices, guitars and even cars to repair or to modify them in my spare time. Now days I get to do it during work too! I get to work with a great group of colleagues at ZES International, where I take apart electronics on a daily basis. Together we are learning everyday more about a variety of electronic devices, how they work, the software they use and how to repair them.

Web Developer

PHP | MySQL | JavaScript

I'm self taught and actively trying to learn more. Standing on the shoulders of giants who share there knowledge through their books or courses, I've created a PHP MVC Framework from scratch. I'm currently learning more about Unit Testing and working on building an API framework using PHP and JavaScript.

Game Developer

JavaScript 2D games

Playing games is fun. Building your own is even better! I've learnt a great deal from books and in particular from two written by two really great authors Arjan Egges and Rex van der Spuy. I've been able to take that knowledge and combined strategies used by both authors to create a small game engine. I'm currently working on building more children's 2d games to fine tune my programming skills.